1. I do not wish to hand over my car keys, so, can I hold onto them?

    Of course you can keep your keys, you are not obliged to hand them over to us.

  2. Will my car be moved from there during my stay?

    We never move our customers’ cars, unless they request this.

  3. Is the carpark covered and secure?

    Our carpark is completely covered, secured by guards and is monitored by surveillance cameras.

  4. How long before my flight time do I have to arrive at the carpark?

    It is strongly advised to arrive in sufficient time before the scheduled take-off of your plane. We advise you to arrive 2.30 hours before your take-off if you are departing for a European destination and 3.30 hours before your flight if you are departing for a non-European destination.

  5. Is it possible to cancel my reservation?

    You can easily cancel your reservation via the confirmation e-mail which you received.

  6. What are the opening hours?

    Times Parking is open 24/7.

  7. What do I have to do when I return to the airport to collect my car?

    You can simply call the number 0032 494 99 23 82 when you arrive and our shuttle will come to pick you up as soon as possible.

  8. How do I ensure that my place is booked?

    During your online reservation, your reservation confirmation appears on your screen and you also receive it by e-mail.

  9. Do I have to print the proof of my reservation?

    You are not obliged to print out your reservation. You can present it on your Smartphone or tell us the reservation number when you arrive at Times Parking.

  10. How can I hold a parking space?

    You can reserve online (preferably), or by telephone on 0032 494 99 29 21 if you do not have access to the Internet.

  11. Is it possible to change my arrival and departure times?

    You can alter your arrival and departure times on the site by logging on with your reservation and your e-mail address.

  12. When and how can I make the payment?

    You can make the payment during your online booking or by bank card, credit card or in cash on your arrival at Times Parking.

  13. My flight schedule has been changed, what do I do?

    You can easily adapt to your new flight schedule on our Web site.

  14. I need an invoice, how do I obtain it?

    After having picked up your vehicle, you will receive an e-mail with a link in which you can enter all your data in order to obtain your invoice.

  15. I still do not know my flight schedule, what do I do?

    You can make a reservation with the departure and return dates, you can specify and alter your flight times later.

  16. I am travelling with children, do you have baby-seats in your shuttles?

    We have child-seats in our shuttles.

  17. I travel with a person with reduced mobility, or I myself have reduced mobility, do you offer the required services?

    People with reduced mobility get a suitable service: they are dropped off in the departure hall, in order to facilitate their movement in the airport.

  18. When do I have to call to be picked up from the airport on my return?

    On your return, call us on 0032 494 99 23 82 as soon as you have retrieved all your bags, before passing through Customs. Then, go down to floor 0, to the coach-parking area (P16). We will come to pick you up where we dropped you off on your departure.

  19. I have not had my questions answered, is it possible to call you for information?

    You can contact us 24/7 on the number  0032 494 99 29 21 we will be happy to answer your questions.

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