General terms

Article 1 – Definitions

1.1 Times Parking is a brand name of IDR Company, with the general Head Office and invoicing address located at 47 Boulevard St Michel,1040 Brussels, Belgium. Its operational Head Office is located at 1 Broekstraat, 1800 Vilvoorde.

1.2 Traveller: Individual entity who makes a reservation at Times Parking in order to obtain a parking space for a limited duration.

1.3 Period of parking: period during which the vehicle is entrusted to Times Parking as indicated beforehand by the traveller when booking. This period extends from the departure date to the return date of the traveller (inclusive).

Article 2 – Carpark service

2.1 By making a reservation at Times Parking, in which the exact period of parking and the times of arrival and departure are indicated, the traveller can reserve a parking space via website.

2.2 The reservation gives the right to park the vehicle only during the period reserved.

2.3 A certain number of parking spaces are reserved for the Times Parking service. Times Parking reserves the right to refuse a reservation if all the parking spaces intended for customers have been reserved.

2.4 Times Parking has the right to refuse reservations without having to justify this.

Article 3 – Reservation, payment, alteration and cancellation

3.1 The traveller can make a reservation at any time.

3.2 The traveller must pay Times Parking when picking up his/her vehicle, on the site and can pay by bank card, credit card or cash.

3.3 Times Parking can ask for cash payment in the event of force majeure, for example in the event of breakdown of the payment terminal.

3.4 The traveller can cancel the reservation without penalty, either via reservation confirmation e-mail , or by e-mail, or by telephone.

3.5 If you want to cancel your reservation, you can call Times Parking or send an e-mail to them.

3.6 Times Parking reserves the right to alter its pricing. These alterations will not apply to reservations made before this alteration.

Article 4 – Privacy

4.1 Times Parking observes high ethical standards and respects your privacy. For this reason, we never communicate your contact details to third parties. Read our declaration on data protection  for more information on this subject.

Article 5 – Parking

5.1 The traveller must park his/her vehicle in one of the free places indicated by the staff of Times Parking.

5.2 The traveller must respect  Belgian Traffic laws when parking his vehicle in the carpark.

Article 6 – Responsibility

6.1 The traveller assumes entire responsibility for  parking at Times Parking.

6.2 In the case of a collision between two cars, if there is any damage, the insurances of the drivers concerned will intervene, the Highway Code law and regulations  will apply.

6.3 Times Parking has the competence and the right to move the  traveller’s vehicle if the key is left with Times Parking. For example, the traveller will  leave his/her key with Times Parking if the vehicle must be washed. Times Parking will do this work with the greatest care. The Times Parking staff have the right to change the position of the rear-view mirrors and the seat to ensure full safety in the use of the vehicle.

6.4 Times Parking is not responsible for damage from which the traveller would suffer, except for  damage caused to the vehicle which is due to the malicious intent or to a serious error of Times Parking or its staff.

Article 7 – Final Clause

7.1 Times Parking is a company registered in Belgium. Belgian law is applicable to our services. Times Parking is a brand name of IDR company SPRL (company number: 0504904706).

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